At Progressive Accounting CPA, we pride ourselves on offering the best tax and accounting services to our clients for over 25 years.

We provide a wide variety of services including: Accounting Services, Tax Preparation, and Auditing Services

  • Our ACCOUNTING approach starts with setting up a basic accounting system, and then maintenance is provided once in place. With the use of computers, you can see the results instantly. Our service insures that your financial statements are top quality and conform to standard accounting principles, as needed for tax reporting, government reporting, and banker reports. We will become an important service to your firm.


  • Our TAX approach starts with a detail interview of your tax situation, to make use of every possible tax deduction available. Our tax staff uses highly trained CPA's and tax accountants who take annual tax update classes to ensure that you have top quality people working on your return. Your tax return is then double checked for accuracy, and then triple checked for possible e-filing errors. Our objective is to provide you with an accurate return. You'll get your tax return fast because we are an authorized Internal Revenue Service (IRS) e-filer provider.



  • Our AUDITING approach starts with a review of your auditing requirements. If you get government funding from the State or Federal Government, we can help you. We specialize in providing audits for non-profit organizations and organizations that are subsidized with government funds. There are special rules and regulations our auditors must follow, which are based on your company's situation. We have experience in Yellow Book Guidelines and Auditing Standards Generally Accepting in the United States. Your funding contract will specify your requirements.